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Analysis Of Valve Industry Chains

Kaitai Valve Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2017

Kaitai Valve Group is headquartered at Baoshan City Industrial Zone,Shanghai China, occupying over 35 thousands square meters with new expansion plan in the near future. The registration capital of the group comes to RMB 113.21 Millions. Also it is one of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, a member of the Association of China General Machinery, and a regular supplier to some of the country’s major energy players such as China Petroleum & Natural Gas Corp, China Petrochemical, China Power and China Sea Oil etc.

1. Economic characteristics of valve industry

With years of development, China has the largest number of the valve enterprise all over the world, more than 6000 enterprises of both big and small organizations. Valve industry is now developing very rapidly. Especially in Oubei Town and Longwan. Yongqiang of Wenzhou, the number of enterprise is half of the total throughout the country, concentrate and huge of the scale. After 30 years of development, under Wenzhou’s own cluster mode, the distribution of valve industry chain has been grown up. Except iron casting valve, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other various valve with the type of stainless steel, more than 80 percent of product come from these two places, it has become the largest manufacturing base and export base for valve production. However, the downside of the situation is the medium valve businesses in Wenzhou have bad living environment, the government is barely provide any substantial help to them, neither make any promotes for these enterprises, although the government proposed to integrate the whole business of valve, it is still in the position that just being concentrated on the bigger situation in spite of the smaller for now. The end-customer inland always hold their inertial prejudice on Wenzhou’s valve business, they might be using the products from Wenzhou factory, but they cannot be showed exactly on the logo. In the quality side, the products from Wenzhou are getting better and better, but they just provided OEM to other different companies. Having trouble getting financing, high cost of land renting, profit reduced in maximization amid intense competition, the small businesses are beset by difficulties to make their own bigger companies, it is still a dream to have own brand.

2.  Major industries of Valve

The classification of valve industry is quite a lot, it has wide variety, classify it by common ways, the major industries include gate valveindustry, globe valve industry, throttling valve industry, gauge valve industry, plunger valve industry, membrane valve industry, plug valve industry, ball valve industry, butterfly valve industry, check valve industry, reducing valve industry, security valve industry, drain valve industry, regulating valve industry, bottom valve industry, filter valve industry, blowdown valve industry, etc.

3. The analysis to the structure of industrial chains of valve

The definition: That is, transfer one or some kinds of resources to downstream industry until it reached the route of the consumers through a quantity of industrial level, it contains four different levels: firstly, the chain is the expression of industry level. Secondly, it is the expression of industrial connection. stronger correlativity they have, closer they would be, allocation efficiency of the resource they would have. Thirdly, chain is the expression of processing, longer the chain is refers to the deeper of the processing can be achieved. Finally, chain is the satisfaction degree of demands, chain goes from natural resources and ends up with consumer market, but it turns out to be changeable element. 
Structural analysis of valve product and industry chain: the materials suppliers from upstream are mainly about metal material, plastics, ceramics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, electronic parts and components, and so on, midstream is the manufacturer of valve; downstream is widely used in every major field of national economy, it is one of the key equipments for energy sources, petrifaction, metallurgy, electric power these kinds of some fixed assets of business equipment, machinery and pipeline. Since its inception in 2005, valve industry has provided technical research service for state-owned business, private enterprise and overseas-funded enterprise.

Kaitai Valve Group is headquartered at Baoshan City Industrial Zone,Shanghai China,  Also it is one of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, a member of the Association of China General Machinery, and a regular supplier to some of the country’s major energy players such as China Petroleum & Natural Gas Corp, China Petrochemical, China Power and China Sea Oil etc.We mainly produce sales Ball ValveGate ValveGlobe ValveCheck ValveButterfly ValvePlug Valve and  Strainer.
We can supply the quotation and drawing of valves according to request of customers.
We can delivery valves in time as per our clients’ need.
We also provide the valves service of after-sales.
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